FORSPORTS offers two core products for speed strength and reaction speed exercises. Firstly the strengt measuring plate and secondly the popular reaction buttons. These products can either be used together or separately and combined add up to a great buddy for your exercises.

The strength measuring plate includes many diffrent exercises and methods of measurement. The acquired data is immediately uploaded during your training session and gets presented to you in several lively graphs. Furthermore the uploaded data gets deposited with even more information. The exciting part is, that you can compare your results with colleagues from all over the world and use the given reference value as a competition. This does not only make the training more professional, but also provides you with extra motivation.

The reaction buttons are placed on specific points, depenting on the chosen exercise. The information about how the exercise is executed and what exactly it is good for, gets explained in the web application which was specifically programmed for that purpose. As soon as an exercise has been selected, the buttons light up or give off an acoustic signal in a random order and define the sequence in which to move in. Depending on the user's skill level there are different difficulty levels to choose from, which in return can motivate the athlete to constantly improve their skills. The collected data is evaluated and loaded onto the comparison platform.

You can either compete directly with your training partners or athletes from the other side of the world on this platfrom as well. Depending on your progress you can collect different trophies and climb up the leaderboards to win attractive prizes.

Reaction Kit

The reaction kits  give For Sports the ability to combine the training device and measuring device.

The reaction kits are placed on specific points depending on the exercise. The information on how the exercise is carried out and what purpose it fulfills can be found out via the specially developed web application. As soon as an exercise has been selected, the buttons light up or emit an acoustic stimulus and thus the sequence of movements.

Depending on your skills, there are different levels of difficulty and levels that help to motivate the athlete to constantly improve. The data obtained are loaded into the comparison platform and evaluated. Again, one can either compete directly with the training colleagues or with athletes on the other side of the world. Depending on your training progress, you can collect trophies and work your way up the leaderboard and win attractive prizes.

In the package:

  • backpack
  • 5 robust and highly sensitive reaction probes
  • tablet
  • charging station


Force Plate

The force plate includes various exercises and measurement methods.

The force plate will be available in different versions: professional and amateur version

The professional version consists of two smaller plates which can also be used independently, each designed for a maximum load of 2000kg.
8 high-precision load cells are used, which also provide information about the force distribution on the plate. So also defects / incorrect loads or "tilting" can be determined during the jump or jump. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the evaluation station, as the first feedback for the subject, there is an LED display.

The amateur version is a high-tech product and is mainly used for diagnostics and evaluation of the data.
Measured are u.a. Jump height, contact time, reaction time, dysbalances during downhill and ascent. The force plate consists of measuring fields and gives an acoustic and visual signal.
The choice of material brings a high level of robustness, low weight, anti-slip and water repellent with it.
In the package:

Im Paket:

  • force plate
  • tablet
  • charging device


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